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 (Kung Fu.  “If one’s words are not better than silence, one should keep silent.”  When Caine speaks, what he says is worth hearing.)

If you are successful at re-interpreting your world to include what is now called the “paranormal”, you have found that you are not talking as much as you used to.

There is nothing wrong with talking, per se, and a good conversation is one of the great joys of life. Usually though, what you hear if you eavesdrop is not profound insight or in-depth conversation. The old addage, “If you are talking, you are not listening” is true.

In an average conversation the “listener” isn’t always actually listening, he’s formulating what he is going to say next when it is his turn to talk.

Why? There is a great deal of ego involved in dominating conversations. You doubtless have had experiences with people like this, perhaps at a party, or around a table in a public area, or even at work in the break room. Someone is pontificating, attempting to maintain the attention of a group of people, usually to feed his ego. Are you really listening to him?

Do not be that person.

If you are silent, it does not mean you are not thinking. you can allow your mind to zip about, observing the environment, or coming up with ideas. In fact, the less talking you do the more creative you will be.

The other aspect of being an observer is how much information seems to stream into you when your mouth is closed.  If you can stop thinking, even more will flood in.

Some religious and philosophical orders (both East and West, ancient and modern) encourage practitioners to be silent for a period of time.

Being silent allows you the freedom to listen. When you listen you will hear that “still small voice” that is often drowned out in your daily living.

Try being silent for most of the day;  a pleasant smile will get you through most social interactions. You may even become popular, as the talkers will start to seek you out as an audience.

Listen. You will hear your inner self.

(Valhalla Rising. One-Eye cannot speak, so the Universe speaks to him.)

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