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I hope that anyone who as ever lain on the ground at night and looked at the stars has felt that strange feeling…that wonder, that lifting of one’s mind from the mundane to the profound.  It is hard to really hold on to petty problems when confronted with the greater reality you see before you.  So much of the night sky remains mysterious, even to our modern high priests: the scientists.

The experience of looking at the stars is similar to what happens if you are lucky or skilled enough to find your consciousness outside of your body.  Once you have seen (and felt) the Universe from that perspective, you cannot un-know what you know.

Now what?  It is difficult to rationalize, frustrating to communicate and definitely not parlor conversation.  Even finding others who share a similar experience is NOT what you think.  For example:  You may have had a trip to Paris.  You have photos and memories and a plastic Eiffel Tower.  An acquaintance has also gone to Paris, but 30 years ago…and he stayed in all the most expensive hotels.  Similar, but very different.

Because reality is fluid, and changes with every thought and belief, even two people on the trip at the “same time” will experience a different place.  What may remain the same are certain “feeling tones” that connect the experience.

One of those concepts is the Abyss.  When it is experienced there is a similar feeling (according to the accounts of other people I have read).  What has been accomplished is that folks can get together and agree on a vocabulary!  The Abyss may have been experienced by countless people over the centuries, but each one will come back from their vacation with different photos.  The words they used to describe the experience are similar, yet necessarily different.

One feels acutely every atom, every particle, that makes up what they perceive as their body…then slowly each particle begins to move away from every other.  Sort of like each particle was a positive ion…there is this feeling that each particle MUST repel the others, causing the “body” to dissipate.  This is usually frightening, because we are focused in a physical reality that teaches us we cannot survive without a body.  But of course, the dissipation is not fatal.  Quite the opposite.  But it is a test.  Can you permit the dissolution and yet retain your identity?

I admit I failed this test the first time.  As each particle drifted away I kept saying, “Wait! come back!”.  It is funny in retrospect, but I wish I had been more curious.  Yes.  That is the correct word.  Not “brave” or “daring”, though there is a place for those qualities.  Curious.  The feeling that you want to know more.  And Trust.  I felt I had to hold my “body” together or I would disappear.

The Universe will keep testing you to see if you are ready for the next step on this journey.

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